The TLC Team cheered with excitement when they heard they have been awarded further Big Lottery Funding to continue TLC's invaluable work in the community.  TLC's Team (all of whom work tirelessly part-time) aim to put a smile on people's faces in the community, so this funding put a smile on their own faces this time!

 Having been awarded Big Lottery Funding for three years in 2010, the charity re-applied to continue its services as part of the Big Lottery 'Reaching Communities Grant'.  TLC is thrilled the Reaching Communities Board have awarded them the Grant for another three years.. The Charity is also expected to raise additional significant funds through independent funding but with help from the Big Lottery, TLC hopes that by the end of 2016 they will be supporting over 100 people in the community and will have delivered up to 1,000 complementary therapies to clients and family carers. 

Nicholas Grange-Bennett, Chief Executive and co-founder of TLC said “We are so grateful that the work we do has been recognised by the Reaching Communities Board of the Big Lottery. A big Thank You goes to all our volunteers and supporters for helping us set up the Charity and move TLC on to qualify for further funding in order to reach wider into the community”

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TLC seek committed and dedicated people who have a genuine interest in supporting people at home.

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